RM Sotheby’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Since 2012, Goose has organised the world famous London to Brighton Veteran Car Run on behalf of the Royal Automobile Club. It is the world’s longest-running motoring event having first taken place in 1896.

Each year, the Run is proud to celebrate its rich heritage, but it is constantly evolving too; adapting to the changing world whilst protecting tradition – it’s a delicate balancing act that we are tasked with overseeing.

We work with Highways England, the Police, and several Local Authorities in selecting the route from London to Brighton to deal with complex traffic management systems, roadworks and other challenges that emerge to interfere with the smooth passage of cars down to the south coast; working with TfL to ensure that the traffic lights are favourable to the veterans, the many local authorities along the route to determine any planned works that may interfere with the Run, securing special dispensation from English Heritage and Royal Parks for the Run to travel through Wellington Arch, along The Mall, and making use of certain bus lanes. It’s a complex event to manage, with multiple stakeholders – spread the length of the 60-mile route – with whom to liaise and co-ordinate.

In full consultation with the Royal Automobile Club and the Run’s Steering Group, we are responsible for the financial outcome, the participant entry process and all aspects of participant communications, marketing, traffic management and marshalling, as well as securing commercial partners which is critical for the financial viability of the Run. While the Run is staged as a non-profit making event, prior to our involvement the financial viability and future running of this iconic, historic event was in question; a situation which Goose is proud to have turned around.

The full Goose team comes into force over the weekend of the Regent Street Motor Show and Veteran Car Run.

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