Regent Street Motor Show

In 2005, Regent Street invited the veteran cars taking part in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run to establish a Concours d’Elegance on the Street on the day before the Run, closing it off to all traffic in support of the occasion. The Regent Street Motor Show was born.

The Show became an annual occurrence, but over time and under the guiding hand of Goose, has evolved to become the UK’s largest free-to-view motor show, welcoming over 350,000 people each year to not only celebrate the past, but also enjoy the future of motoring, as the veteran cars are joined by cars from the vintage, classic, modern-day and future eras; the best possible display of automotive heritage and culture.

We have been overseeing every aspect of the management of the Show since 2012 and it represents another highly challenging logistical operation that shows-off the immense skills of the team. The Show is “open” from 10:30 until 16:00 but we start the build from 07:00, turning the Street into a pedestrian only area, and have to complete the breakdown by 18:00 before normal traffic flow resumes on the Street – that’s just three and a half hours before the Show starts and two after the Show finishes; precise planning is needed to ensure that the logistics run like clockwork so that central London doesn’t come to a standstill!

In consultation with The Crown Estate, the New West End Company and the Royal Automobile Club as well as Westminster City Council, London Buses, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, we are responsible for organising, managing and promoting this event while ensuring the commercial viability of the Show (which neither benefits from ticket income nor entry fee from the displaying vehicles).

The full Goose team comes into force over the weekend of the Regent Street Motor Show and Veteran Car Run.

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