Goose Live Events Worldwide

We are Goose. Proud to deliver outstanding live events worldwide. Events that engage, inspire and amaze by drawing upon our creative flair, logistics expertise and technical know-how.

The experiences we deliver are as varied as the industries we work across, but they all require creative thinking, an unrelenting attention to detail and a strong team. This is what has earned us the client trust of those we enjoy long-standing relationships with. This is Goose.

Our values



The Goose is one of the best examples of teamwork in nature, it inspired our name and we follow its proven scientific principles of sharing, caring and helping in the ways that we work as a team. We work collaboratively to create and deliver the ultimate live events.



We stretch our thinking, challenge the normal, and allow our imagination to run free across every aspect of our work – strategy, design, logistics and technical. Always questioning and never assuming, we believe anything is possible, and by innovating we strive to come up with ‘the big idea’ that creates the ‘ultimate live experience’ for the intended audience.



We deliver with the highest standards of integrity, quality, reliability, and with precise attention to detail, ensuring we achieve the trust and confidence of all that we interact with.



Creating, inventing, managing, delivering, traveling, embracing new cultures and new developments, and learning are all rewarding experiences. Happy in our work we are passionate about what we do and full of enthusiasm and energy.



We consider and take care of the people, environment, cultures and the world we work in, endeavouring to always leave a positive and lasting legacy in everything we do.



Events have an environmental impact. To run them, transport; energy; water; and materials are all needed… and they produce waste and emissions too. For each of our events, we consider their environmental impact and carbon footprint… from the venues we choose, to the materials we use, the food that we serve and how we clean up after ourselves. We’re committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible.



Nick Wigley

CEO Goose Live Events, and Sporting and Public Events

Nick has more than 30 years’ experience in the events industry and has been responsible for the creation and profitable development of large-scale events such as festivals, international conventions, brand launches and sporting events.

Having worked at board level with many of the UK FTSE 100, Nick has developed a style of leadership based on trust and encouragement – he brings out the best in us all and actively participates in the planning and execution of various events, overseeing the creative, design, content, brand building, marketing and communications strategy, technical, and logistical elements.

Nick’s passion is beautiful cars and historic motorsport. It is his passion that has transformed Goose’s own event – the Silverstone Classic – into the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival.


Sam Trevenna

Co-Founder & COO Experiential and Brand Activation Events

Starting as an event assistant for Nick many years ago, Sam worked her way up through the ranks whilst at Project Worldwide before co-founding Goose. She has over 25 years of event industry experience, establishing our relationships with distinguished brands such as Bentley Motors, Lamborghini, Whitbread, Costa Coffee, and Luxottica.

She has been the Event Director on the prestigious Costa Book Awards for over 14 years and led the team delivering the MINI China Partner Conference and Oscars Ceremony, later shortlisted for the Best Automotive Event of the Year by C&IT Magazine. Sam was Head of Logistics for the award-winning launch of the Lamborghini Gallardo in Las Vegas and was responsible for establishing our relationship with Bentley Motors in 2010.

As well as her role as our resident logistics expert, Sam also heads up our operations and is responsible for HR, continually mentoring and nurturing our talented team.


Martyn Blunt

Co-Founder & COO Corporate and Investor Events

Martyn began his career as a broadcaster, presenting his daily radio programme whilst also producing many outside broadcasts, concerts, charity telethons and roadshows on behalf of the broadcast industry. Then, after the death of his father, using his connections in radio Martyn founded “The Rock & Roll Ball” in aid of Cancer Research UK… which went on to run for 17 years and raised over £600,000 for charity. This led to Martyn meeting and starting to work with Nick and Sam at Project Worldwide for several years until 2003 when they jointly created Goose.

These days Martyn travels the world supporting Investor Relations, Leadership and many other corporate events. His specialism is live broadcast, satellite and webcasting technology and his broadcast experience is invaluable as the physical and virtual world of events become ever more intrinsically linked.

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