Collaborating to inform, engage and inspire staff at Syngenta

The Challenge

The leadership team at Syngenta FloriPro Services knew they needed to reshape the business to enable it to flourish in a rapidly changing business environment.

But for this to succeed, they also knew they would need the full support of their staff. So, a two-day event was held to immerse all their key people in the new vision and structure.

The Solution – Goose Live Events and SebCo Creative working together.

It was important to take staff on a journey over the two days:  from acceptance of the need for change, to confidence in the change taking place, to excitement about helping make the change happen.

So, our work needed to inform, engage and inspire.

Working closely with the Syngenta FPS team, SebCo Creative created branding for the event, developed a messaging platform and wrote and designed all the communications materials, including invitations, printed collateral, environmental graphics, branded executive gifts and animated presentation videos.

Goose Live events researched and contracted venues, then worked with the chosen hotel to plan the space. The Goose technical team bought SebCo’s ideas to life within the allocated budget, building the set, exhibition areas and designing the AV . Venue and delegate management was the responsibility of the Goose logistics team whilst a dedicated production manager ensured AV and lighting was built professionally.

These types of installations are well rehearsed by Goose Live Events but a real teamwork effort between all the specialists involved makes for a smooth process – our teams are cross-functional and have a lot of experience working together.

Once the set is built and there is sound, lighting and a brilliant visual display, testing and rehearsal provides the finishing touches. Goose Live Events managed this entire process and while the show was live too, working with the delegates, speakers, client communications team, venue management and catering team.

The Result

The event was a resounding success for Syngenta FPS, with staff fully on board with the new direction of the business and committed to getting there together.

For Goose Live Events, it was another demonstration of one of our core brand values, ‘collaboration’ – working together with all stakeholders to create and deliver the ultimate live event.

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