Our Sustainability Promise

At Goose, we’ve been in the business of delivering events for over 30 years and we plan to carry on doing the same forever. That’s why we’re committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible, making sure we can continue delivering events for future generations to enjoy.  

Our ambition is to always create a positive legacy for every event; creating advocates and emotional value, while building strong, lasting relationships 

We passionately believe in evolving our business to play a leading role in the development of sustainable practices across the events industry.  

When you know better you can do better, and we are considerate and mindful in: 

  • Our office practices. 
  • How we create, communicate and deliver event experiences.  
  • Inspiring our team to look at different ways to make some permanent sustainable swaps in their personal lives. 

During the last year have invested in sustainability training with isla. As part of our sustainable event planning development, we can now create carbon emissions reports for all our events and will use this data to make future events more sustainable; maintaining a big impact on the customer experience, but a smaller impact on the environment. 

Events have an environmental impact but for each of our events we consider its impact and its carbon footprint; from the venues we choose, to the materials we use, the food that we serve and how we clean up after ourselves.  There is much to do but we are setting ourselves some ambitious targets as we build our sustainable approach to event planning and delivery, because that’s the only way forward for our planet. We hope you’ll be a part of the journey with us.

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