The Challenge

As one of the world’s largest agribusiness companies and one of the first publicly quoted companies in this sector, Syngenta wanted to update the investor community, media, staff and other stakeholders about its latest technologies and strategy for growth.

The Goose Solution

To present the company’s new vision, Goose delivered a unique and persuasive experience in a place at the very heart of their customers businesses – a farmer’s field.

Over a year of planning and concept development took place to adapt a field into an remarkable showcase, ranging from planting demonstration crops in autumn, creating flower beds and pathways in spring, to installing facilities by summer, to finally deliver a weeklong event which stakeholders taken on a journey through crop and field demonstrations and into inflatable presentation domes.

Goose services included project management, infrastructure, exhibition build, set and stage build, audio visual systems, stage management, video production, web registration, branded promotional items and logistics.


The event was a demonstration of great collaboration and teamwork.
For Syngenta, the event marked the successful beginning of changing perceptions about how the company will operate now and in the future.

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