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We have delivered events in more than 200 locations in over 40 countries around the world
Unilever Compass Awards – London, UK
We have created the world’s largest Classic Motor Racing Festival, attended by over 100,000 visitors
Silverstone Classic – Silverstone, UK
We have helped Chris Evans raise over £1 million for Children in Need
We have launched 14 new Bentley models in 17 countries
Bentley - Miami, USA
We satellite link London and Johannesburg every year for a corporate AGM
Unilever – London, UK
We have raced a Lamborghini against a Boeing 747
Lamborghini - Miami, USA
We have built a field in the middle of a city and a city in the middle of a field
We have organised the Costa Book Awards for over 10 years
We have created the UK’s largest free to view motor show, now attended by more than 400,000 visitors

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