Creative, Sustainable Event Planning

We are event architects; designing what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell… we have always believed that great events involve all the senses. Telling your story and making your event vison a reality.

Your guests may not always remember the finer details, but they will remember how you made them feel. It’s our job to focus on the detail. Logistics is our strength, covering everything from venue research, F&B planning, event support services, and guest management to budget control. Event styling and design is our passion as well as the development of your theme and entertainment. Health and safety and contingency planning are a critical part of the process that we deliver on. We pull all this together with our calm and experienced team of event experts.

Our ambition is to always create a positive legacy for every event as we work with you to bring your brand personality to life; creating advocates and emotional value, while building strong, lasting relationships.

And it’s not just your brand legacy that’s vital, it is important to us that we do it through a sustainable approach to event planning and delivery, because that’s the only way forward for our planet.

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